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Local Food Peterborough is a community project presently housed at Farms at Work. Various organizations in the community contribute resources and manage aspects of the essential food system work needed.

Donated funds will be used to support the Local Food Peterborough website and social media platforms (Facebook, twitter and instagram), and promotion of local food throughout our community, as well as any special related projects that arise from time to time.

Your support for our local farms, the processors of local food and the restaurants and stores that serve local food is greatly appreciated. It helps the community build resilience in the face of disruption by increasing local control of the food system that feeds us.

NOTE: Please use this for a charitable donation only for the project. For memberships, registrations or any other payments, please contact the project.

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Thank you for your generous support. If you have any comments you'd like to share or questions regarding the project, please email donations@tidescanada.org.

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