Tides Canada - Resource Movement
Thank you for committing to be an annual supporter of Resource Movement! Your contribution will enable this movement to: 
  • Build capacity amongst young people with wealth and/or class privilege through learning opportunities such as Praxis groups, Chapter events, and Member Gatherings
  • Foster increased support for social movements by promoting charitable giving, including Giving Circles, a Rapid Response Network, and encouraging direct connections between supporters and movement groups
  • Shift the conversation in Canadian philanthropy, through our participating as founding members of the Next Gen Philanthropy Collaborative 
As you're determining your annual contribution for 2019/20, we encourage you to consider the following:  
  • There is no defined amount that you're required to give. We trust each supporter to decide on an amount, based on their capacity to give, and their giving plans for the coming year. 
  • Some supporters contribute as a percentage of their annual income, or their overall savings / net wealth. If you'd like to think of your giving this way, we encourage you to consider contributing at least 0.5% of your annual income, OR at least 0.25% of your net wealth. 
  • We suggest that donations to RM should represent at most 10% of your total annual giving, with the remaining 90% directed toward social justice organizing. 
  • And finally, we encourage you to find a level of giving that feels a bit scary.  Inequality is a crisis, and those of us who have more than we need must push ourselves to give beyond at a level beyond our comfort zones. 
Thank you for your contribution! 
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Thank you for your generous support. If you have any comments you'd like to share or questions regarding the project, please email donations@tidescanada.org.

Tides Canada Initiatives Society is a Canadian charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
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